Background and activities

Eikemo is the leader of CHAIN : Centre for Global Health Inequalities Research. CHAIN aims to monitor, explain and reduce social inequalities in health within and between countries world-wide by the identificatioon of effective interventions in collaboration with our partners in academia, policy, practice. CHAIN is also coordinating a global socioeconomic network under the umbrella of the Global Burden of Disease Study, which will estimate the global burden of disease, which can be attributable to low education and other social and economic factors. CHAIN is further involved in the global school mapping in collaboration with UNICEF New York, we are evaluating the effectiveness of health systems in terms of cancer mortality in collaboration with IARC and we are identifying effective interventions that can reduce child mortality in collaboration with UNICEF Innocenti.

Moreover, Eikemo`s focus has been to explain differences in mental and physical health, chronic diseases and mortality within and between countries in several regions of the world. In particular, he has examined the contribution of welfare policies, social, economic and material factors, life style factors (such as smoking, alcohol, physical activity and diet), childhood conditions, working conditions, unemployment, housing conditions and health care.

Eikemo, who has has led several international public health projects, was awarded the scientific prize for young excellent researchers in the Humanities for 2009 by The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (Det Kongelige Norske Videnskabers Selskab) and the SINTEF prize for outstanding research in 2010. More recently, he was enrolled into NTNUs Outstanding Academic Fellows Programme (NTNUs Stjerneprogram).

Eikemo has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health since 2016.


Scientific, academic and artistic work

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