Background and activities

Discipline / work area

I am involved in modelling and analysis of damping in structural systems. Focus is on non-classically damped structural systems such as floating bridges or submerged floating tunnels.

This includes:

  • Modelling and analysis
  • Identification of damping properties
  • Developing design principles


As a PhD-student I am still maturing my professional expertise within the field of Structural Engineering and Marine Technology. The research areas I have been focusing on is mostly:

  • Hydrodynamics
  • Structural Dynamics
  • Finite Element Method
  • Hydrodynamic damping


Education and work experience:

  • M.Sc. Civil Engineering at Aalborg University, Denmark in 2013
  • Research Assistant at Aalborg University (2 months)
  • Geotechnical Engineer at Geo (6 months)
  • Research Assistant at Aarhus University (6 months)

Comitee appointments:

  • Chairman of Engineers Without Boarders local chapter in Aalborg, Denmark (18 months)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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