Background and activities

Substitute for Ingrid Olsen until 1st of september 2021.

I work with the learning environment at The Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV). This means that I work to increase student retention, persistence and success, and I have a special focus on first year experiences and on the welcome programme for new students at NV.

My responsibilities at NV include:

  • Coordinating and developing the welcome programmes for new students, including teknostart and realstart.
  • Coordinating and developing the mentor programme.
  • Establish shared learning spaces for students.
  • Support the student associations and the student representatives.
  • Maintiaing up-to-date information about the quality of education and student retention and persistence.
  • Advise employees and student representatives about the quality of education in study programmes
  • Provide informational and practical support to departments that wish to work systematically with increased student succsess, retention and persistence.
  • Receiveing and processing cases and hearings concering the learning environment
  • Receiveing and processing cases concerning discrepancies in quality of education and cases concerning bullying, harrasment, sexual harrasement, discrimination or inadequate learning environment.


First year experience

Transition support to higher education

Student retention

Student persistence

Administrative procedure for complaints and whistleblowing cases

Project managment

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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