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Journal publications

  • Uri, Lina Lutnes; Walmann, Thomas; Alberts, Luc; Dysthe, Dag Kristian; Feder, Jens. (2006) Structure of plastically compacting granular packings. Physical Review E. Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics. vol. 73.
  • De Blasio, Birgitte Freiesleben; Laane, Carl Morten M; Walmann, Thomas; Giæver, Ivar. (2004) Combining optical and electrical impedance techniques for quantitative measurement of confluence in MDCK-I cell cultures. BioTechniques. vol. 36.
  • Malthe-Sørenssen, Anders; Walmann, Thomas; Jamtveit, Bjørn; Feder, Jens Gottfried; Jøssang, Torstein Fossan. (1999) Simulation and characterization of fracture patterns in glaciers. Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR). vol. 104.


  • Dysthe, Dag Kristian; Malthe-Sørenssen, Anders; Wagner, Gerhard; Walmann, Thomas; Feder, Jens Gottfried; Jøssang, Torstein Fossan. (2001) Boundary effects in aluminium extrusion V. 2001. Report to Norsk Hydro ASA.