Background and activities

I am a PhD candidate in linguistics at the Department of languages and literature studies. I have an MA in Scandinavian languages from NTNU, where I wrote the dissertation "Building blocks in child language. On three Norwegian children's acquisition of functional categories". I have a BA in Norwegian/Scandinavian from the University College in Telemark as well as the University of Iceland.

Academic interests

  • (First) language acquisition
  • Language change
  • Generative grammar meets cognitive linguistics
  • Syntax
  • Pragmatics

My doctoral project

In my project I study first language acquisition. I do so by looking at certain clause types that are problematic for Norwegian children. Children will often get the verb placement non-adult like in embedded clauses. I investigate why this happens. The children tend to alternate between using an adult like word order and their own child word order. In my project I try to figure out what the deciding factors are for verb placement to be target like sometimes and non-target like at other times.

This can contribute to our knowledge of where little children get information from when building their language. What do they get from the innate grammar and what do they get from the language they hear in their environment?


Positions and teaching

  • I was head of the organizing committee for the post graduate conference NoSlip (october 2016)
  • I was a PhD representative in the Faculty of Humanities programme board, 2015-2016 and 2016-2017
  • I have teaching experience from the University of Edinburgh, where I taught Norwegian (2014-2015)

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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