Background and activities

I work as a Project Manager at NTNU Technology Transfer where I work to commercialize ideas related to medicine and health.


At the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences I have responsibility for the Health Innovation School:



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications

Part of book/report

  • Sætre, Rune; Ranang, Martin Thorsen; Steigedal, Tonje Strømmen; Stunes, Kamilla; Misund, Kristine; Thommesen, Liv; Lægreid, Astrid. (2007) Webprot : online mining and annotation of biomedical literature using Google. Advanced computational methods for biocomputing and bioimaging.
  • Sætre, Rune; Tveit, Amund; Ranang, Martin Thorsen; Steigedal, Tonje Strømmen; Thommesen, Liv; Stunes, Kamilla; Lægreid, Astrid. (2005) gProt: Annotating protein interactions using Google and Gene Ontology. Lecture Notes in Computer Science.


  • Steigedal, Tonje Strømmen. (2009) Molecular mechanisms of the proliferative response to the hormone gastrin. 2009. ISBN 978-82-471-1928-0.