Background and activities


The public sphere, civil society, digital citizenship, citizen empowerment, social interaction, social theory, STS, digital ethnography, festivals, sociology of music, clinical sociology, qualitative methods.


PhD project

I am part of the DICE research group.

Though the development of digital infrastructures have yielded countless opportunities for citizens in a number of industrialized western societies over the past few decades, it has also served as an antecedent for a number of distinct challenges for public discourse and civic engagement in these societies. With the public sphere rapidly expanding into digital spheres that effectively cut themselves off from traditional political arenas, it becomes necessary to investigate the potential consequences of this expansion and its impact on future generations of citizens. My project examines a specific area of Norwegian civil society which traditionally have served as an arena for prospective public figures to develop valuable skills and expertise in democratic deliberation and participation - the political youth parties of norway - and how digitalization have come to impose a number of new platforms in which these organizations must compete in order to attract new members and supporters for future activistic enterprise.