Background and activities

Professor at Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science, Faculty of Medicine nad Helath Science. Member of Research Group on Geriatrics, Movement and Stroke (GeMS).

Graduated as a physiotherapist at Oslo University Collage, 1981, for master in Physiotherapyscience at University of Bergen, 1999, and for the degree of PhD in Clinical Medicine at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2008.

Work experience covers clinical work as a physiotherapist in hospital based and community based rehabilitation of stroke patients as well as teaching in Physiotherapy at Department of Health Science, Faculty for Health and Social Science.

Course coordinator for Rehabilitation and Welfare Technology for People with Movment Related Diseases (BEV3200).

Responsible for two large ongoing projects (the LEAST and the LAST study) and supervising five PhD students within the field of rehabilitation after stroke with focus on client participation, motor function, physical activity, intensive motor training and models for long term follow-up care.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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