Background and activities

Prinicpal Investigator for Tumors in Space - a cutting-edge cancer study at the intersection of space technology and stem cell biology selected for spaceflight in collaboration with UNOOSA-China. Recently completed a 2-year secondment at the International Agency for Research on Cancer - the specialized cancer agency of the World Health Organization (IARC/WHO). Authored IARC/WHO´s first children´s book on cancer, "A Checklist for Dad" published by IARC press and distributed by WHO in Geneva with full proceeds going to education and training. I also hold an adjunct faculty position in Human Performance in Space with the International Space University in Strasbourg, France. 

Current Funding & Projects:

2017 - 2025  Tumors in Space: Signatures of early mutational events due to spaceflight conditions on 3D organoid cultures derived from intra-individual healthy and tumor tissue.

  • Principal Investigator and Project Manager in collaboration with the International Space University, Belgian Nuclear Research Center, Vrije University Amsterdam
  • Selected for spaceflight in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and China Manned Space Agency
  • Awarded project establishment support by the Faculty of Medicine, NTNU 
  • Awarded 3-year scientific funding by the Norwegian Space Agency

2017 - 2020 DNA methylation patterns & lung cancer risk prediction

  • Principal Investigator in collaboration with the International Agency for Research on Cancer World Health Organization and funded by Research Council of Norway  
  • Awarded 3-year personal postdoctoral funding (2017-2020) from the Research Council of Norway (IARC-Norway collaboration: grant number 267776/H10)                                           

2018 -  2020 In utero epigenetic modifications and neurodevelopment

  • Principal Investigator in collaboration St. Olavs Hospital and UC Berkeley

Research Interests:

Genetic & epigenetic epidemiology 

Human performance in extreme and remote environments 

Biomedical ethics & philosophy of science


  • PhD Medicine, NTNU, Norway (2015)
  • MSc Demography & Health, LSHTM, United Kingdom (2011)
  • PGDip Infectious Diseases, LSHTM, United Kingdom (2009)
  • BA Ethics Laurentian University, Canada (2006)
  • BSc Liberal Science (Physics/Chemistry), Laurentian University, Canada (2006)



Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Larose, Tricia L. (2020) A Checklist for Dad. 2020. ISBN 978-92-832-0449-7.


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