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  • Clausen, Arild Holm; Auestad, Trond; Langseth, Magnus. (2005) Strain rate and temperature tests on AA6005-T6 using a Split-Hopkinson Tension Bar. 2005.
  • Auestad, Trond; Clausen, Arild Holm; Langseth, Magnus. (2003) Tensile Tests at High Strain�rates on Four Aluminium Alloys. 2003.
  • Auestad, Trond; Søvde, Morten; Clausen, Arild Holm. (2003) High Strain�rate Tensile Tests on Aluminium Alloys 7046.70 and 6005. 2003.
  • Granerud, Dan; Søvde, Morten; Auestad, Trond; Dey, Sumita; Børvik, Tore. (2003) Perforering av Weldox 460E, 700E og 900E stålplater med ogivale prosjektil. 2003.
  • Clausen, Arild Holm; Auestad, Trond. (2002) Split-Hopkinson Tension Bar. Experimental Set-up and Theoretical Considerations. Draft. 2002.
  • Clausen, Arild Holm; Auestad, Trond; Jahre, Lars Olav; Langseth, Magnus. (2001) Dynamic Energy Absorption Tests on Quadratic Hollow Steel Sections. 2001.