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In the 21st century citizenship has become increasingly important in shaping people’s lives and politics.  In many countries formal civil, political and social rights are being challenged and subject to acts of citizenship and accompanying political tensions. Globalization challenge nation-states as the legal framework for citizenship and forms of dual or transnational citizenship increase.  Environmental issues, global inequality and regional conflicts require states and citizens to think beyond the nation state in search for political solutions. Migration continues to diversify societies, which continuously shape and reshape citizenship. Increased pluralism is not least apparent in schools where diversified classes shape and reshape students’ social and learning environment. This in turn requires changes in teachers’ practises. The very dynamic field of citizenship highly motivates my work in the SG “Citizenship” and my two strands of current research: First, research on citizens’ practices and their citizenship learning in school, and second, research on teacher education for fostering inclusive citizenship.

Solhaug is a political scientist and professor in, teaching social science and pedagogy.

Research  focus on; democracy, citizenship in education. as well as techer education.  Recent research is framed by "inclusive citizenship" and focus on participation, political identity and intercultural well as integration in teacher education.

Solhaug teaches democracy and citizenship in education, identity, and quantitative methodology. He represents Norway in the Nordic phd course Demoncracy and citizenship in education.

Solhaug is a former teacher in lower and upper secondary school as well as in special education. His disertation is titled: "Education for democratic citizenship"..

Solhaug is current Co-convenor in the Standing group "Citizenship" in European Consortium of Political Research ECPR.

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


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Part of book/report

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