Background and activities

Research interests

  • New problems in Marine hydrodynamics
  • Numerical hydrodynamics
  • Experimental hydrodynamics
  • Theoretical hydrodynamics
  • Viscous flow methods
  • Potential flow methods
  • Coupling between potential and viscous methods
  • Coupling with other fields such as marine structures

Research areas

  • Moonpool resonance
  • Nonlinear wave loads and responses of monopiles (Wind turbines)
  • Loads and behaviour of aquaculture net cages
  • Hydrodynamic loads on subsea modules
  • Floating solar islands

Professional background

  • Professor, dept. of Marine Technology at NTNU - Marine Hydrodynamics, 2015 - present
  • PhD from dept. of Marine Technology at NTNU (2009) - Marine Hydrodynamics
  • Researcher, Senior Researcher and Research Manager at MARINTEK 2002 - 2015
  • MsC from dept. of Mathematics and Physics at NTNU (2002) - Main field: numerical mathematics

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications