Background and activities

Research interests:

  • Mental health of preschool children
  • Antecedents to development of pscyhosocial problems in children
  • Parent-child interaction
  • Daycare quality
  • Attachment styles in children
  • Videobased parent interventions
  • Idiographic measures and user-involvement for adolscents with mental health problems in primary care

Current research studies:

  • "Thrive by 3". A preventive model of intervention and implementation of quality-building and quality-control in childcare centers to strengthen mental health and development in 1 & 2 year olds. Partners: Professor May Britt Drugli NTNU, researcher Elisabet Solheim at RBUP, assosciate Professor Ratib, Lekhal at BI. Childcare centers in 8 comnunities and municipalities in the Oslo area and Middle-Norway are cluster-randomized. Effects are measured after 1 year intervention on the observed quality in the childcare units, on observed employee-child interaction, child mental health and development and employers' and parents' evaluation of quality-building. Financed by the Norwegian Research Council.   
  • "The Early Secure in Trondheim" - study. A longitudinal study of early detection and prevention of psychosocial disorders among preschoolers in the community. PhDs: Kristine Viddal &Trude Hamre Sveen. Partners: Professor Lars Wichstrøm, NTNU; Professor Jay Belsky, University of California, Davis. Financed by the Norwegian Research Council.   
  • "Laughter, tears and nappies"  A randomized control trial of videobased parent intervention with vulnerable infants and toddlers. PhD Kjersti Sandnes, Partners MD Magnhild S. Høivik, St. Olavs Hospital; Professor May Britt Drugli, RKBU and leader of unit Marit Bergum Hansen, RBUP Oslo.
  • Too much too soon?" A multi-informant, prospective study of predictors, moderators and effects of enduring day care stress on young children's mental health. Partenrs: Professor May Britt Drugli, NTNU; Associate professor Vibeke Moe, RBUP Oslo and University of Oslo; Professor Lieselotte Ahnert, Universität Wien; and Professor Jay Belsky, University of California. 
  • "What matters to you?" (ASSERT). An RCT study on how to strengthen adolescent user involvement in primary mental health services with systematic idiographic assessment. PhD: Thomas Kristian Tollefsen. Partners: Professor Tine jensen, UiO; and researcher Simon Peter Neumer, RBUP, Oslo. 

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