Background and activities

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Environmental Engineering and Reactor Technology research group at the department of chemical engineering, studying the stability of amines that are, or can be utilized for CO2-capture, as well as glycols.

Advisor: Hanna K. Knuutila

Representative for the IKP temporary staff in the departmant's leader group from September 2021.


Here are some popular scientific contributions I have made:

Blog post about oxygen solubility on the TekNat blog in 2021.

Talked about CCS in an episode of "Teknisk Sett" (in Norwegian).

Participated in "Forsker Grand Prix" 2020 (in Norwegian) (you can watch the second part of the presentation here)

A blog-post about a research stay at TNO in The Netherlands in October 2019.

A blog post about my work on the NV faculty blog in 2019. 

An appearance on the children's science show "Newton" on NRK in 2017 (in Norwegian). 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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Journal publications


  • Buvik, Vanja. (2021) Stability of amines for CO2 capture. 2021. ISBN 978-82-326-6834-2.
  • Buvik, Vanja; Partali, Vassilia; Sliwka, Hans-Richard. (2016) Synthesis of conjugated unsaturated Amino Acids. 2016.