Background and activities

What I think...

How do you successfully communicate across cultural and social barriers? Across languages, beliefs, professions? Understanding each other is a prerequisite for peaceful coexistence, it is a prerequisite as well as a means for solving conflicts. Mutual understanding is necessary to meet future challenges in any field of life. My current interest is about translating knowledge from all the different fields of health and quality of life into excellent practice.
Communication is to me words, spoken and written, body language, images, graphics, film, or any art work. Any thing that works!
I love experimenting with the digital media, images, graphics, video, sound, and serious gaming.

Work at NTNU...

Responsible for SPL1092 "Menneske, helse og samfunn I" and academic writing for bachelor students.

Engaged in the project "FRIVILLIG" - conceptual development of a mobile application to teach health professionals about "Pasient- og brukerrettighets lovens kapittel 4A".

Makes films and simulation games (serious games).

Previous workplaces...

Norwegian Directorate for Health, University of Oslo, Nordic School of Public Health in Gothenburg Sweden, University College of Vestfold, University Hospital of Tromsø, Diakonhjemmet in Oslo, Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo, SIFO, Asker municipality,