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Low-dissipation spintronics. Domain wall motion in conventional ferromagnets and multiferroics driven by spin-transfer from electrons and magnons as well as spin–orbit torques. Superconducting and magnetic proximity structures.

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  • Lesaint, Cedric Michel; Risinggård, Vetle Meland; Hestad, Øystein; Hvidsten, Sverre; Glomm, Wilhelm. (2016) Self-healing composites for high voltage electrical insulation. Jicable'15 - 9th International Conference on Power Insulated Cables : proceedings.
  • Lesaint, Cedric Michel; Risinggård, Vetle; Hølto, Jorunn; Sæternes, Hans Helmer; Hestad, Øystein Leif; Hvidsten, Sverre; Glomm, Wilhelm. (2014) Self-healing high voltage electrical insulation materials. 2014 IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference - EIC.