Background and activities

I am professor in Theatre Studies at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). My topics of teaching and supervising are applied theatre, devised- and sitespesific theatre, youth theatre, documentary theatre and research theory with particular emphasis on arts-based designs and research methods. My research interests are theatre as cultural and aesthetic practice, theatre production with particular emphasis on group based production platforms and documentary theatre. Much of my research designs combine arts-based methods and interpretive ethnography. I am a member of the National Resource Group for Theatre in Kulturskolen and engaged in working out a new curriculum for theatre for young people (2016).

Research group: Arts-based research


Research projects:

Performing young adult`s reflections on work, citizenship and democracy. A study of transforming Democratic forums to interactive theatre performance (2019-2021). Cristin ID: 653368. Partner in Theatre and democracy Building democracy in post-war and post-democratic contexts. Cristin ID: 547357

Theatre production as performative, arts-educational arena. Documentation and reflection on teaching practice in a cultural, creative and collective learning landscape (2017-2019).n collaboration with colleagues at IKM, NTNU.  Project management and editorials: Cecilie Haagensen and Vigdis Aune. Publishing see list.

Vår Frues Folk. Documentary theatre in the margin of the democratic welfare State (2014-2017). Arts-based research project in collaboration with the Saint Olav Festival 2014.  The project is part of Drama/Theatre & Democracy. Publishing: Our Lady of the People (2014). Research documentary (2015), (English) Drama/Theatre & democracy, anthology II (June 2017): K.-3. The democratic potential of documentary theater K.-7: Vår Frues Folk.  To create autorativ, aesthetic communication in documentary theatre

Spor til spill (2007-2008). Practice-based, arts educational research.Partners: The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training,  Trondheim Municipality