Background and activities

I am a researcher in the Industrial Ecology Programme at the Department of Energy and Process. My education background is multidisciplinary, including Mathematics and Statistics, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Structure and Fracture Mechanics, Electrical Engineering, Signal Processing, Radio Communications and Informatics.

Research interests

  • Mathematical and statistical modelling
  • Climate change mitigation strategies
  • Ecosystems and ecoservices
  • Biodiversity and bioresources
  • Bayesian statistics and computational statistics
  • Spatial statistics and bio-statistics
  • Numerical optimization and operations research
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Projects Currently working on

2019-2022 MITISTRESS Project

Strategies to Mitigate Pressures on Terrestrial Ecosystems from Multiple Stressors (MITISTRESS)

2019-2022 BIOPATH Project

Advancing biofuel pathways with regional climate change implications

2015-2019 BIO4CLIM Project

Comparative climate impact assessment of the forest based bio-economies of Norway, Sweden and Finland (ENERGIX)

2016-2020 QUIFFIN Project

Quantifying climate Impacts of Future Forest management strategies in Norway

Selected publications in recent 2 years

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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