Background and activities

I am a geophysicist specializing in glaciology. I use computer models and field observations to investigate the interaction between the climate and glacial systems and its social impacts in local and global scales. 

I am also interested in using multidisciplinary approches combining natural sciences, social sciences and the arts to assess the values of nature to human well-being.


Research projects

  • 2020.2 - now

Glacier impacts On The Hydrological systems in Europe and Central Asia (GOTHECA)

  • 2022.04 - now

Changing perspectives: The dynamics of nature’s contribution to people in a changing Arctic (Access Abisko Values - Changing Perspectives)

  • 2018.10 - 2019.10

Decadal predictability and variability of polar climate: the role of atmosphere-ocean-cryosphere multiscale interactions (PARAMOUR).

  • 2013.02 - 2018.02

Doctoral dissertation: Ice flow modelling of ice shelves and ice caps.

  • 2011.10 - 2012.12

Master of Research thesis:  The response of Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice shelf system to uncertain climate forcing over the 21st and 22nd centuries



  • 2020 Autumn and 2022 Spring

Weather- and Climate-related Natural Hazards in GEOG2020 Geophysical and biological natural hazards 

  • 2021 Spring

The physical science basis of climate change in climate policies in GEOG3529 Signatures of glaciations and climate evolution: From the Pliocene to the Anthropocene 

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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