Meassures taken to avoid spread of the virus (COVID-19)

Meassures taken to avoid spread of the virus (COVID-19)

Updated: January 19th 2021

COVID POLICY in force on board Gunnerus:

The following precautions and meassures are taken to minimize the threat of spreading the virus on board during cruises.

- Vessel is divided into two sections, one for our cruise-participants and one section for the crew

- Only 8 or fewer cruise participants will be accepted at any time, in addition to the four crew members there should never be more than 12 persons on board the vessel

- Keeping 1m distance is very hard on board Gunnerus. Face-masks are therefore mandatory inside Gunnerus. 

Failure to observe these restrictions may result in a cancelled cruise.


If you:

- plan to use other parts of the vessel than the main working deck, the wardrobe, conference room and the wet/- and dry-laboratories

-> you should contact the vessel management to evaluate the possibileties. This will normally involve a HSEQ process that may need some time


- Anyone with symptoms of respitory infection or similar shall not enter Gunnerus. On the cruiseday the cruise leader shall collect this information and confirm that no participant has symptoms of any respiratory illness

- First thing after entering the vessel is to do a hand-wash in the wardrobe

- Sanitizing and handwash remedies are available and should be used frequently while on board

- The vessel needs to be sanitized between cruises

- Life vests, helmets, radios and other needed personal protective equipment is possible to loan on board. Your shall only use your designated equipment during the entire cruise.  The crew will sanitize them at the end of the cruise

-each participants name and telephone number will be collected at the beginning of the cruise, for tracing purposes

** - the cancellation deadline is not in effect at this point. Cruises cancelled due to COVID-19 will not be charged, even if cancellation is within normal cancellation deadline (3 weeks)

19 Jan 2021 Sten Terje Falnes

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