Meassures taken to avoid spread of the virus (COVID-19)

Meassures taken to avoid spread of the virus (COVID-19)


The following precautions and meassures are taken to minimize the threat of spreading the virus on board during cruises.

- If you plan to be more than 4 participants, please contact the vessel to evaluate the possibileties.

- Research/Field work than can be postponed shall be postponed

* Research activity that will be very negatively affected by a delay, or research that can only be done in a specified timeperiod/season, may be prioritized. If you think your cruise is of this nature please contact us for further planning/risk evaluation.

- Anyone with symptoms of respitory infection or similar shall not enter Gunnerus 

- First thing after entering the vessel is to do a hand-wash in the wardrobe

- Sanitizing and handwash remedies are available and should be used frequently while on board

- Meals can be served on board, but the day-room is small, so everyone must be extra carefull to keep 1m distance and wash up before entering the room

- Keeping distance (minimum 1m) between people on board is challenging, and needs to be evaluated for each cruise

- The vessel needs to be sanitized between cruises


** - the cancellation deadline is not in effect at this point, due to the COVID-19 situation. Cruises cancelled due to COVID-19 will not be charged, even if cancellation is within normal cancellation deadline.

30 Jun 2020 Sten Terje Falnes

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