Prosjekt 2021


Anne Helga Henning og Pål Bøyesen

When: August 7 and 8 and 21 and 22
Times: 12:00-15:30
Where: Marinen
Tickets: Links to free tickets (Hoopla) will be available at Hundefolket on Facebook,
two weeks before each weekend. 

Drawing of man with dog
Drawing by Anne Helga Henning and Pål Bøyesen

Anne Helga Henning and Pål Bøyesen present Hundefolket ("Dog people") during which visitors can book a time to have their portrait drawn with their dog on a podium at Marinen, happening over one weekend in June and two in August.

During the pandemic, there was a rise in the number of people getting dogs.

Since people have had home office and normal social interaction has become limited, dogs have gained more time and closeness with their owners than before.

By drawing dogs and owners on a podium in parks, where the dogs are often walked, this relationship is celebrated and made visible to other people (and dogs) who visit.

"Being drawn is an intimate experience. When we previously invited people to this project, during Trondheim Open in November 2020, we experienced that there was a unique meeting point between dog owners, dogs and cartoonists. In a time of few random encounters between people, we felt the significance of these short but intimate encounters. The parks were also emphasized as a place through the project, as well as the opportunities that lie in the park to facilitate meetings through various initiatives and activities.

As artists, we are concerned with what happens when we draw by observation. 
At some point in the drawing process, the drawing begins to have its own will and character, and thus the idea about the neutral gaze is challenged." 

About the artists

Pål Bøyesen and Helga Henning
Photo: Per Stian Monsås

Pål Bøyesen is from Trondheim and continue to live and work here. He is educated at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and works with performance, drawing, and sculpture.

"I try to build surprising narratives about being a man."

Anne Helga Henning is from Trondheim and lives and works here. She is educated at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and Reggio Emilia Institute in Stockholm.

"I work mainly in drawing and commissions involving some form of participation.
I work with drawing as a daily poetic practice, and my day-to-day life, with its impressions and impulses, intertwines with my art practice. I am interested in how I,  as an artist, can contribute in changing the inherited, outdated, and hierarchical ways of relating to one another and I am interested in the diversity of meeting points that can be created through artistic work and in finding many different strategies for exploring these."