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Five temporary public art works in Midtbyen

Five temporary public art works in Midtbyen

Prosjekt 2021 brings together NTNU Health and Trondheim kommune to explore the relationship between quality of life and cultural experience in the heart of Trondheim over summer 2021.

Artists Anna Ida Pezzot, Tobias Liljedahl, Anne Helga Henning, Pål Bøyesen, Ana Dunjic, and Qianhui Qian have been selected to create temporary artworks in public space that respond to or express in part how the COVID-19 pandemic has shaped our lives.

The five artworks are situated in five different locations in Midtbyen and are free and open to the public from June – August 2021.

Due to restrictions you have to book your ticket in advance.
For bookings and detailed information on time and place, please see the description of each art project.

People behind Prosjekt 2021 | Interview with curator Mishi Folytin | Curatorial statement

Ana Dunjić

Touch Me Not

Ana Dunjić opens Prosjekt 2021 on June 11 with Touch Me Not, a monument located at historically symbolic Olavskilden, it stands until August.

Pål Bøyesen and Anne Helga Henning

Hundefolket ("Dog people")

Anne Helga Henning and Pål Bøyesen present Hundefolket, in which visitors can book a time to have their portrait drawn with their dog on a podium at Marinen happening over one weekend in June, 26 and 27, and two weekends in August, 7 and 8 and 21 and 22. 

Anna Ida Pezzot


Anna Ida Pezzot presents a choral performance in Klemenskirken July 14-20.

Qianhui Qian

Viral Viral

Qianhui Qian’s Viral Viral is a two film-based confrontation of who we are as people in a global world in crisis screened at the planetarium in Vitensenteret, July 16 and 31 and August 13.

Tobias Liljedahl

Nidelven 2021

Tobias Liljedahl brings the viewer to the river Nidelva, August 14-30.



Map with numbers 1-5 for each art project locationMap excerpt of Trondheim city center showing the location of each of the art projects:

  1. Olavskilden - Touch me not
  2. Marinen - The Dog People
  3. Klemenskirka - Vesper
  4. Vitensenteret - Viral Viral
  5. Nidelva - Nidelven 2021

Contact and more information

Contact and more information

Curator: Mishi Foltyn
Project manager, NTNU health: Ann Iren Jamtøy
PR and media: Johanne Nome


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