Prosjekt 2021


Anna Ida Pezzot

When: July 14-20, 2021
Times: 19:00-20:00 
Where: Klemenskirken
Tickets: Links to free tickets (Hoopla) at Vesper on Facebook 

Photo from archeological site
Archeological site at Klementskirken. Photo by: NIKU/ Anna K. Wändahl 

Anna Ida Pezzot presents a choral performance in July featuring an original composition drawn from the dramatic string of events that have been unfolding since the beginning of the ongoing global health crisis.

Vesper is a musical performance consisting of a choral piece performed by four singers. Taking cues from the greek chorus in early theatre, the choir serves as a unison collective voice commenting on the dramatic string of events that has been unfolding since the beginning of the ongoing global health crisis.

The song speaks to some of the feelings and revelations that the pandemic has unraveled in us both individually and as a collective species. 

Perceptions of time warps, stretches and changes as a feeling of urgency pushes forth. How we perceive the past changes.

What the future looks like is always unclear. But could it be that this crisis also serves as a momentum for ground breaking change?



Fride Snipsøyr Holøs
Maia Reppe
Oda Fredriksen
Veronika Moan
Ingrid Reinan

About the artist

Anna Ida Pezzot
Photo: Per Stian Monsås

Anna Ida Pezzot was born in Italy but grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark. Currently she is living in Trondheim. 

"I tend to work with performance, sound and video. My artwork explores how we perceive our history and the gaps or connections between humans and nature."