Nidelven 2021

Prosjekt 2021

Nidelven 2021

Tobias Liljedahl

Where: Around Nidelva, see details below
When: August 14-31, 2021

Guided tour Sunday August 15, for details and link to free tickets, see Facebook-event

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Man standing in river
Photo: Tobias Liljedahl

Kongens gate allmenning
Kjøpmannsgata 1
Marinen, Elgeseter bru


For “Nidelven 2021” I have created four sign-sculptures. I call them sign-sculptures because I feel I master signs better than sculptures, but mostly because I think signs are an interesting format in its informative boredom. In my sign-sculptures, I have collected some of the thoughts I’ve had during the last two months as I’ve walked along the river, spoken with people by the river, dived in the municipal archives and looked at the water flowing through the city. The sign-sculptures won’t contain information, but rather observations. The sculptures are placed at four different sites along Nidelva, and each sculpture contains
an observation based on the site of the sculpture.

To get the whole observation from each sculpture you need a smartphone capable of scanning qr-codes.


As an extension of my contribution for “Prosjekt 2021” I would like to invite the audience for a walk along Nidelvstien.

About the artist

Tobias Liljedahl
Photo: Per Stian Monsås

Tobias Liljedahl is from Gothenburg in Sweden, and lives and works in Trondheim. He is a graduate of the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art.

"I work mostly camera-based, with both photography and video. In recent years, I have mainly worked with video as part of spatial installations, often with video and audio in several channels. I work with so-called “essay films” and investigate various topics, often based on a specific place, such as Lofoten, Spain and Verdal. Many of my works can probably be described as very subjective documentaries."