Trondheim Business School

Bachelor courses for Exchange Students


For exchange students at undergraduate level Trondheim Business School (TBS) offers a full academic year taught in English. The programme contains the following courses (credits = ECTS credits): 

Autumn 2016

August - December 

Code Name Credits
BØA3031 Sport Business and Economics 7,5
MRK2015 Managing Business Relationships 7,5
MRK3015 Consumer Behaviour 7,5
ORG2010 Leadership, Communication and Cooperation 7,5
INT2020* Introduction to Norway (information not available yet)  
SPR2010 Business and Management English 7,5
BBOA3010 Corporate Finance 7,5


Exam schedule

The courses below are available at the Department of Economics:

Code Name Credits
SØK2009 International Macroeconomics 7,5
SØK1151 Macroeconomics for Managers 7,5


Spring 2017

January - May

Code Name Credits
INT2020* Introduction to Norway (information not available yet)  
SMØ2020 Welfare Economics 7,5
SPR2010 Business and Management English 7,5
BSOL2013 Communications and Teams 7,5
BSOL3016 Project Management  7,5
BØA2042 Financial Modelling Using Excel 7,5
MRK2020 International Business 7,5



Exam schedule

The courses below are available at the Department of Economics:

Code Name Credits
SØK2006 International Trade 7,5
SØK2007 Development Economics 7,5
SØK2010 Banking 7,5
SØK1101 Environmental and Resource Economics 7,5


Information days

We arrange Information Days prior to the first lectures (in August and in January). The program will be announced subsequently, and contains social events, sight-seeing and introduction to the school, the city and the Norwegian society.


Choosing courses

Any combination of the 7,5 credit courses with a total of 30 ECTS credits, will constitute a full semester programme.  All lectures, class discussions and student presentations will be conducted in English. The number of students admitted to the programme will be decided by student qualifications, capacity restrictions and educational goals. The courses serve as electives for Norwegian students in their 2nd or 3rd year. Further details may be found in the individual course descriptions. Admission for Norwegian students is based on grades. All students are required to master the English language at a reasonable level. Students skilled in one of the Scandinavian languages may choose from our regular portfolio of courses.

For more information about how to become an exchange student, students are urged contact the international office at their home university.

On the following pages you will find information about the contents of the courses, admission requirements, application procedures, and an international student guide. We have also added some documentation on the study abroad experience from former students.

Trondheim Business School welcomes you as an exchange student, and hope that you will have a rewarding stay in Trondheim and Norway.