NTNU Business School


The academic community at Trondheim Business School produces a significant amount of research both in terms of basic research, applied research and dissemination. The school is also visible in the media as a result of a large number of articles, reports and interviews.

Doctoral education

We offer a separate  doctoral degree programme in Management Accounting and Control, where the faculty members are among the best in Scandinavia. The ever-increasing number of PhD students
are expected to provide a further strengthening of the research activities  in the coming years.

Research seminars

Twice monthly staff seminars are held at the Business School, where newer research projects and topics that may be of general interest are addressed by members of staff or guest lecturers.

Positive ripple effects

The research activity within all subject areas are increasing steadily, and several researchers have received international awards. Academic research within the broader business administration field strengthens the quality of teaching and has positive repercussions for industry and the public sector as a whole.


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