NTNU Small Satellite Lab


NTNU Small Satellite Lab is an initiative to bring more of the space related activities at NTNU together and make them more visible. 

We are now setting up a new team of master students, PhD-students and professors. This also includes a shared common working space for these activities.

Activities include: 

  • Projects supported by internal NTNU-funding, AMOS, Norwegian Research Council, Norwegian Space Centre and others:
    • Small satellite mission with hyper spectral imager to support oceanographic applications
    • Small satelliet mission with software defined radio to provide better communication systems in the Arctic
  • Activities under the CAMOS-program
  • The student satellite project NUTS

Mission badge for HSI mission

A couple of weeks ago, Endre Dåvøy from Orbit was kind enough to make us a new badge! 

We've already started using it in templates and such, and look forward to including it on more material.



Green light for even more activity

On of the darkest days of the year; not an ideal day for oceanographic observations in the Norwegian waters, two applications securing funding and more activity were approved.

The Norwegian Research Council gave the green light for our application for a project named MASSIVE - Mission-oriented autonomous systems with small satellites for maritime sensing, surveillance and communication (news-link). This opens up the posibilities for more PhD-scholarships, satellite hardware and more.

In addition, the Norwegian Space Centre approved our application for a project called Construction and testing of a prototype of a hyper spectral camera for small satellites (news-link). 

Webpage launch!

In traditional Christmas style - we have a surprise for December 1st:

Our new webpage!

We will add more content in the coming weeks, and hope you will give us some feedback on what you want to see.

The HSI mission team will also meet up for dinner after work, to get to know each other better and have some fun outside of campus.