ELA High Voltage Laboratory


ELA High Voltage Laboratory

The ELA high voltage laboratory is one of the laboratories for research within high voltage insulation at NTNU. The main test equipment of the lab is:

• 500 kV AC one phase transformer, 200 kVA
• 1.2 MV, 60 kJ impulse generator, for both lightning and switching impulses

The high voltage hall is electromagnetic shielded and well suited for measurements such as partial discharges. The AC transformer also has an instantaneous circuit breaker trip in case of breakdown, making it well suited for investigation of design and defects in test objects.

The impulse generator, installed in March 2016, have an energy level of 60 kJ, making it possible to perform tests and research on cables and transformers. It also features a phase synchronisation with the AC transformer for combined AC and lightning impulse testing.


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