Integrated PhD in Telematics

Integrated PhD in Telematics

The integrated PhD education is an alternative curriculum from the 9th semester for students enrolled in one of the 5-year MSc programs in technology in Computer Science, Communication Technology (Telematics) and Electronics. Admission to the Integrated PhD education takes place after the 8th semester in the ordinary study program is concluded. Students should apply before the 15th of May of this semester.

The objective of the Integrated PhD education is to give students interested in pursuing a career as a scientist either in the commercial domain, in research institutes or in academia, to be able to direct their studies against research early in their education. The Integrated PhD education is also suited for those who would like to develop their own ideas and to establish a firm professional basis for their own start-up company.

Overview of study


The integrated PhD education consist of two parts:

  • During the first two years, the 5th year of the ordinary MSc study in technology should be completed. (At this point the student may abort the integrated PhD education with an MSc degree.) The work within the specialization course and on the MSc thesis should be directed toward the topic of the PhD thesis. The remaining time should be used for the courses of the PhD study and work toward the PhD dissertation.
  • The second period, of minimum two years, is used for research towards the PhD dissertation and eventual remaining courses of the PhD study.

The study normally takes place at NTNU´s premises. A stay of up to six months at an educational institution abroad is encouraged.

Student advisers