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Pedagogical Academy in Ålesund

The Pedagogical Academy is the campus forum for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. It is a collaborative forum to share and debate ideas and experiences for university teaching.

Research activity

pedacad projects


Our members develop and maintain two Moodle plugins.


JassQuiz is designed for spontaneous questions and answers in the classroom. It has been developed with part funding from Norgesuniversitet, under the project Klasseromsquiz i Matematikk.

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CAPQuiz is an adaptive learning system, which will continuously select questions to match student ability.  It is based on a rating system, similar to the Elo system used in chess, where the student rating estimates the proficiency and the question rating estimates the difficulty.

Development funded by NTNU Toppundervising.

We are also working with Chris Sangwin's group in Edinburgh to add a graphical mathematics editor to the STACK question type.