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The Cyber-Physical Systems Lab

Focuses on autonomous ships and the practical needs of Ålesund's world-leading maritime industrial cluster, as well as biomechanical robotics and medical technology.

The Sustainable Digital Transformation Group 

Focuses on service innovation, entrepreneurship and technology in various enterprises both within the private and public sector. We also do research on simulation and visualization for applied use and the use of social robots in education, caretaking and other settings.


SFU Exited

Centre for Excellence in Higher Education (SFU)

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The SFU initiative represents a focused and long-term effort in order to stimulate the development of education and innovative approaches in higher education at the bachelor and master levels.

The ambition of the initiative is to contribute to the development of excellent quality in higher education and to highlight the fact that teaching and research are equally important activities for universities and university colleges.


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IbrahimIbrahim A. Hameed 
Deputy Head of Research


Simulation and Visualisation

Simulation and visualization


A special competence is simulation and visualization applicable within all of our research areas.