About the Department of Marine Technology

About the Department of Marine Technology

The Department of Marine Technology (IMT) at NTNU educates and conducts research about methods and techniques which facilitate the assessment and development of technical and operational solutions for Norway's biggest export industries:

  • ship technology with corresponding equipment industry
  • new renewable energy systems offshore
  • oil and gas extraction at sea
  • fisheries technology and aquaculture technology

The research and education at IMT emphasize the development of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions within these areas.

In a few years NTNU IMT will be located in the Norwegian Ocean Technology Centre which started the building in 2022. 

Prioritized research areas:

  • Oceanography
  • Wave-induced motions and strongly nonlinear loads
  • Structural load effects
  • Abnormal loads and accidental load effects
  • Slender marine structures
  • Ship operations
  • Propellers and propulsion
  • Renewable energy propulsion
  • Marine operations
  • Aquaculture facilities
  • Very large floating structures
  • Deep-sea mineral mining
  • Wind, current, and wave energy production
  • Structural design
  • Underwater robotics
  • Ocean science
  • Risk and safety management of marine systems
  • Multi-level design of complex marine systems
  • Design and verification of complex energy systems
  • Sustainable development of shipping in Arctic waters



Staff in 2023:

21 professors 
5 associate professors
2 assistant professors
14 adjunct professors
3 adjunct associate professors
17 researchers
7 postdocs 
9 professors emeritus
65 PhD candidates
11 administrative staff
12 technical staff
3 apprentices

Budget for 2023:

157 MNOK

Graduates in 2022:

13 PhD graduates
109 graduated master students

Publications in 2022

Publications in 2022

Academic journal articles: 189

Academic conference lectures: 106

Books: 3

Book chapters: 41

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