About the Department of Sociology and Political Science

About the Department of Sociology and Political Science

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The Department of Sociology and Political Science (ISS) is committed to carrying out research, teaching and dissemination in sociology, political science, sport science, and media studies.

ISS is characterised by strong disciplines in social science, with the emphasis on sociology and political science, contributing to multidisciplinary study programmes and research at NTNU. Sociology and political science also influence the department`s sport science and media studies profile.

Both with regard to teaching and research, we are committed to identifying and meeting major challenges in society. It is an important objective for the department to develop and disseminate knowledge required to solve the problems and challenges facing Norway and the global society. This is our contribution to NTNUs vision ‘Knowledge for a better world’.

Our study programmes aim to give our students competence and qualifications which make them attractive in the labour market, enabling them to contribute to the development and betterment of society.

As a department pursuing research and teaching in the social sciences, we are obliged to contribute and participate in public debates concerning the important issues in society. This is also our commitment to NTNU’s mission of solidarity and democracy.

ISS is a leading research institution, pursuing high quality and innovative research, and contributing to the public debate and development in the fields of the department.

The ambition of ISS is to be among the most outstanding social science departments in Norway in terms of teaching and research, and to have research groups which are internationally acknowledged. A feature of the department is the link between research and teaching at all levels, from undergraduate to post-graduate studies.

Brief history

Brief history


The first courses in sociology are offered as part of the study programme in social studies at the University of Trondheim.


The Department of Sociology and Social Studies is established. Sociology as discipline is extended with study programs at all levels during the 1970s. Political Sociology and Political Behavior were important focuses. In the mid-1980s a course in public administration was offered.


The first courses in Political Science are offered. Political Science becomes a part of the Department which acquires today’s name. Political science as discipline is extended to study programmess at all levels during the 1990s. Important themes are Political Behavior, International Relations, Comparative Politics, International Political Economy, Public Policy and Environmental Policy.


Master of Science in Media, Communication and Information Technology is established at NTNU and is placed under the Department of Sociology and Political Science which already has a research community on Media Sociology and Political Communication. The Social Science section of Sport Sciences becomes part of the Department, and offers both bachelor and master programmes in Sport Sciences.


A new study programme in Social Science with Teacher Education is established.


A new study programme in Physical Education and Sport with Teacher Education is established.

Management and administration

Management and administration

Strategy 2018-2025

Strategy 2018-2025