Department of Engineering Cybernetics

Industrial Computer and Instrumentation Systems

The research covers theory as well as architecture and design of hardware and software necessary to implement various control and surveillance functionality with a given performance. Typically this may be a distributed solution with embedded real time application using physical input/output connected to instrumentation in various processes and devices, and an operator interface for surveillance and interaction. Safety, security, dependability, timeliness and other measures for quality of service are used as performance measures. Here the activity is described in sub areas, even though the areas are strongly interconnected and also embedded in the other activities at Engineering Cybernetics. The research activities are in several different areas:


  • Safety, Security and Reliability
  • Machine and Process Safety
  • Biomechanical instrumentation
  • Smoke detectors
  • Wireless instrumentation
  • Software and algorithms for medical diagnostics
  • Wind power
  • Smart grids
  • Prosthesis control
  • Embedded systems for
    • medical applications
    • robotics
    • marine applications


  • Neuromotor laboratory
  • Snake robotics laboratory
  • Real time laboratory
  • NTNU Sealab
  • UAV laboratory
  • MI-Lab
  • Control and Safety systems laboratory
  • Real Time Robotics laboratory
  • Moving Minisystems