Cybernetics in Biomedicine

Department of Engineering Cybernetics

Cybernetics in Biomedicine

Foto: Geir MogenCybernetics in Biomedicine is related to Biomedical Engineering, Human Movement Science, Physiology, Dynamic Systems Theory, Instrumentation, Embedded Systems and Control Engineering. It thus overlaps with many of the department's other research fields. Activities in this field represent the application of methods from cybernetics and control engineering to problems that are related to the human body, mainly in a health perspective.

Our research activities include the following areas:

  • Multi-modal Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Model Based Diagnosis, Treatment and Assessment
  • Movement Analysis
  • Biosignal Processing and Classification
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Integration of Artificial and Biological Neural Systems


  • Prothesis control systemsAutomatic Glucose Control in Diabetes (Artificial Pancreas)
  • Early Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy
  • Analysis and Diagnosis of Neck Movements
  • Robot-Assisted Motor Rehabilitation
  • Prosthesis Control Systems