Movement lab

In the motion laboratory we can provide you with advanced 3D movement analysis and integrated wireless EMG recording as well as more basic tools for analysis such as pressure sensing walkways and accelerometers.

Please contact us to consult about your experiments to develop the best plan for using our facilities:


  • APDM-OPAL:  3-axis accelerometer sensor system for monitoring and logging of movement and postural changes. (5 sensors)
  • BIODEX- System 4 pro: Stationary power dynamometer for measuring the power of the body's joints via included adapters. (1 dynamometer).
  • GaitRite / ZENO: Pressure sensing walkways (2 walkways)
  • MYON Wireless EMG: 10-channels wireless surface EMG to measure muscle activity (10 sensors). Brochure.
  • PKMAS: Software that can be hired to analyze data collected on either Gaitrite or Protokinetics Zeno walkway. (3 licenses)
  • VICON 3D motion capture recording system for human movement. (10 Cameras)
  • Qualisys
  • Kistler: Mulitcomponent force plate     
  • Woodway: The LokoStation designed treadmill for training and rehabilitation
  • Jeager Oxycon Pro: Compact stress testing system for precise and reliable determination of cardiopulmonary and related variables.                        
  • Velotron
  • NIRS Portamon
  • NIRS OxyMon
  • MetaMax II: Portable Cardiopulmonary exercise system
  • Biodex
  • Delsys EMG
  • Delsys Myomonitor EMG
  • Noraxon EMG
  • Actiheart
  • Medilog AR4