Core facilities and other large research infrastructure

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Core facilities and other large research infrastructure

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences offers up-to-date, advanced and high quality research infrastructure. Much of the infrastructure is operated as a part of Trondheim University Hospital –  St. Olav's hospital.

The facilities serve research projects at the faculty, as well as external projects.

Protemics lab.
Protemics lab. Photo: Geir Mogen / NTNU

Core facilities and other larger research infrastructure


Develops and offers solutions for anyone who collects or uses human biological material in medical research.

Bioinformatics Core Facility (BioCore)

Offers support for bioinformatics analysis in research. 

Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core Facility (CMIC)

Offers instruments and expertise for photography of biological processes at tissue level, cell level and individual proteins.

Clinical Research Unit Central Norway (CTU)

Offers support for researchers in all phases of clinical studies for all enterprises under Central Norway Health Authority and NTNU.

Comparative Medicine Core Facility (CoMed)

Offers what is needed for animal experiments.

Fremtidens operasjonsrom (FOR)

Facilitates research and development in the surgical disciplines, emphasising minimally invasive treatment and medical technology. 

Forskningsposten (FOR)

Performs study interventions, makes observations, collects and processes biological material. Offers supporting staff and locations.

Genomics Core Facility (GCF)

Offers resources and services to support research needs in genomic analysis, such as "next generation sequencing". 

HUNT Research Centre 

Offers services to those who conduct research on data or material from the HUNT survey.  

MR Core Facility 

Offers expertise and access to instruments within MRI for imaging in humans and animals, as well as metabolomics analysis.

NeXt Move 

Offers expertise and equipment in neurophysiology, exercise physiology, movement and elite sports research. 

NORBRAIN - The Norwegian Brain Initiative

Enables research that can map neural mechanisms of behavior and provide insight into the neural codes in the brain.

Norwegian 7T MR Center

Offers access to 7-tesla MRI scanner with associated expertise.

Proteomics and Modomics Experimental Core Facility (PROMEC)

Offers a range of services in protein analysis (proteomics) and analysis of nucleic acid modifications (DNA / RNA modomics).

Viral Vector Core Facility

Well-equipped research infrastructure with expertise in producing tailor-made viruses for research purposes.

Hva er en kjernefasilitet?

The Faculty of Medicine and the Central Norway Regional Health Authority have organised several laboratories with advanced equipment and expertise are into core facilities. These research facilities offer a necessary infrastructure connected to specialized expertise for regional, national and international researchers from research institutions and the industrial sector.

Core facilities

  • make advanced scientific technology and equipment, test samples, data collections and methods available for researchers regionally and nationally
  • conduct their own research, and development in their fields
  • offer highly qualified personnel with special competence for operation and maintenance, as well as and training of users


Centres for Simulation

Centres for Simulation

NTNU's centres for health professional simulation are also used for research and development work.