Bioinformatics (BioCore)

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Bioinformatics (BioCore)

Bioinformatics core facility's mission is to offer researchers in Norway support at any level regarding bioinformatics analysis.  BioCore offers services to support your research needs in the interface between bioinformatics and molecular biology with focus on high throughput sequence analysis, gene regulation (miRNA, TF, epigenetics), genome stability, genome variation (SNPs) and prokaryote gene/protein analysis.

More about our services

BioCore assists researchers in three different ways

  • Customer support/consultancy: e.g. to give advice on bioinformatics procedures, methods and resources.
  • Technical assistance: e.g. installation of software/databases and simple programming tasks and bioinformatical analyses.
  • Research collaboration: requests that require an effort beyond technical assistance/consultancy will be set up as a research collaboration. Funding for collaborative research performed by core facility partners must be provided unless otherwise agreed. The result of joint research shall be published with joint authorship.

The core facility collaborates with several other core facilities and technology platforms and is a continuation of the FUGE Bioinformatics platform.


To use our services you can send an e-mail to Jostein Johansen (


The price are based on a full‐cost approach. Note that all prices are exclusive VAT (MVA). VAT will not be charged for partners were there exist a VAT agreement

  • Internal services (Academic users NTNU): 750 NOK per hour
  • External services (Helse Midt, Corporate services, Other):  minimum 1000 NOK per hour + VAT
  • Storage on server: 2000 NOK per TB

Requests that can be solved within two working days or less are free of charge, provided that the core facility has resources available.

19 Feb 2021





Morten Rye, Manager
E- mail:
Phone: +47 97 13 31 55

Pål Sætrom, Scientific Leader
Phone: +47 72 57 30 11


Visiting address

Laboratory Centre, 5th floor
St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim