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Norwegian 7T MR Center

Norwegian 7T MR Center

Welcome to our 3-year anniversary Seminar on November 28th!

Towards the end of November three years will have passed since the first in vivo scan on the 7T Terra system at the Norwegian 7T MR Center in Trondheim, Norway. To celebrate this event (and make up for a cancelled opening seminar in 2020) we are holding an UHF MR seminar in Trondheim, 28-29 Nov. The seminar will feature a mix of international and local speakers, who will demonstrate the clinical potential of 7T MRI and showcase ongoing research. Attached is the program for the event. The seminar itself is free of charge, however participation in the conference dinner on Monday 28 Nov is 500 NOK/person. 




The installed MR-system, a Siemens MAGNETOM Terra System, is equipped with:

  • Dual Mode (Clinical and Research).
  • 8 Channel RF-transmit chain in research mode
  • 80/200 Gradient System.
  • 32RX/1TX head coil (clinical mode)
  • 32RX/8TX head coil (research mode only)
  • 28RX/1TX knee coil (clinical mode)
  • 13C and 31P loop coils
  • Multinuclear option
  • fMRI equipment

Please contact us for more detailed information.



Photo: Siemens Healthineers