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Norwegian 7T MR Center

Norwegian 7T MR Center

Norwegian 7T MR Center is a National infrastructure for neuroscience research. Our main mission is to provide the Norwegian community of neuroscientists the very best tools for high resolution structure-function mapping of the brain.

Our vision is also to take 7T MR into the clinic, and a close integration with the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at St. Olavs Hospital is at the heart of our philosophy.



The installed MR-system, a Siemens MAGNETOM Terra System, is equipped with:

  • Dual Mode (Clinical and Research).
  • 8 Channel RF-transmit chain in research mode
  • 80/200 Gradient System.
  • 32RX/1TX head coil (clinical mode)
  • 32RX/8TX head coil (research mode only)
  • 28RX/1TX knee coil (clinical mode)
  • 13C and 31P loop coils
  • Multinuclear option
  • fMRI equipment

Please contact us for more detailed information.



Photo: Siemens Healthineers