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Update on user rates

Update on user rates

Until now all local users have been granted a discount from the nominal hourly rate on the 7T MR system. This was done to inspire users to try 7T, without having to pay extra compared to 3T. Now that 7T is becoming more established, such a discount is no longer considered necessary, and the 7T MR Steering Group has decided that all NEW projects with funding decision made after 01.01.2023 will need to pay the nominal rate. 

Also, in order to take into account the general increase in costs, the hourly rate will be adjusted on annual basis. User rates are calculated according to the RIR model (rental location) from NFR, and current rates can be found  here.




The installed MR-system, a Siemens MAGNETOM Terra System, is equipped with:

  • Dual Mode (Clinical and Research).
  • 8 Channel RF-transmit chain in research mode
  • 80/200 Gradient System.
  • 32RX/1TX head coil (clinical mode)
  • 32RX/8TX head coil (research mode only)
  • 28RX/1TX knee coil (clinical mode)
  • 13C and 31P loop coils
  • Multinuclear option
  • fMRI equipment

Please contact us for more detailed information.



Photo: Siemens Healthineers