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About us

Norwegian 7T MR Center

About us

The Norwegian 7T MR Center is located in Trondheim, NORWAY. As a NORBRAIN node it is a national infrastructure in neuroscience research.

Located at the campus of St.Olavs Hospital HF it will also be used for clinical applications. Official opening of the center is scheduled for May/June 2020, but as of December 2019 the MR scanner is operational, allowing researchers to come and get a first feel for human imaging at 7T.


The main funding for the MR system itself has been provided by The Norwegian Research Council under the INFRASTRUCTURE program (information in Norwegian).

7T MR is phase 2 of the NORBRAIN consortium for national neuroscience infrastructure.

NTNU partly funded the MR system purchase, and have funded the building project together with St. Olavs Hospital HF.

Helse Midt-Norge RHF will provide funding for both research and clinical use, while NTNU will focus on research activity.


The center is organized under the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The Faculty of Natural Science is also involved in running the center, together with St.Olavs Hospital and Helse Midt-Norge RHF.


Current staff:

  • Pål Erik Goa - center leader - NTNU
  • Erik Magnus Berntsen - consultant radiologist - St.Olav
  • Even Hovig Fyllingen - radiologist in training - St.Olav
  • Maria Tunset Grinde- medical physicist - St.Olav
  • Neil P. Jerome - onsite scientist - Siemens
  • Ingeborg Nakken -radiographer - St.Olav
  • Knut Nordlid - senior radiographer - St.Olav
  • Roar Sunde - technical support - St.Olav
  • Desmond Tse - staff scientist - NTNU