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For users of the equipment

Norwegian 7T MR Center

For users of the equipment


Due to the increased field strength compared to other MR systems, additional safety regulations apply.  We have established procedures for safe operation (in Norwegian):

User access

All projects will need to fill in and submit an application form before start-up. The application form should be submitted on e-mail to the director, and will be reviewed within maximum 10 working days after submission. Specific criteria for approval of projects will be deveoped during the first year of operation.

Key project members can be granted card-access to the 7T MR premises upon completing dedicated safety training. 

Until further notice all approved projects are granted a free-of-charge start-up package consisting of 10 hours supervised scantime for protocol optimization, including physicist support.

The start-up package is compulsory for all new projects for reasons of safety and quality assurance. The 7T MR Center will formally own the data from this phase, since the protocol optimization approval for the 7T MR center will be used.

Opening hours

The Norwegian 7T MR Center is fully staffed in the period August 20th-June 20th, except during school holidays. The MR-system has the following weekly schedule:

Opening hours MR-system
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.00-11.30 1 Radiographer Present 1 Radiographers Present 2 Radiographers Present 1 Radiographer Present 1 Radiographer Present
12.00-15.00 1 Radiographer Present 1 Radiographers Present 2 Radiographers Present 1 Radiographer Present 1 Radiographer Present
15.00-21.30   1 Radiographers Present      


The prices follow the core facility model where users will need to cover all direct costs. User prices are calculated according to the RIR model (rental location) from NFR.

Until further notice all internal projects (i.e. projects affiliated with NTNU, St.Olavs Hospital or Helse Midt-Norge) will get the reduced rate. This is made possible due to funding from NTNU and Helse Midt-Norge.  

For all grant proposals the normal rate for equipment use must be used in the budget, since the reduced rate is only a temporary start-up initiative. Note that for all in-vivo scanning a radiographer is required to run the scanner.

The 7T MR Center can provide assistance from Medical Physicist and Staff Scientist for purpose of protocol optimization and method development. This cost should also be included in grant proposals.

Price list – Equipment
Equipment: Contribution price 
(excluding VAT)
From 01.07.2023
7T MR, normal rate per hour NOK 3,480 NOK 3828
7T MR, reduced rate per hour (NTNU/St.Olav only) NOK 1,257 NOK 1383
Price list – Services
Service: Contribution price
(excluding VAT)
From 01.07.2023
Radiographer, price per hour NOK 558 NOK 614
Medical physicist, price per hour NOK 711 NOK 782
Method development by physicist, price per hour NOK 834 NOK 917


Until further notice users are not able to book time on the scanner by themselves. All booking must go through the center staff. System for user booking and associated rules will be announced here.

User meetings

User meetings are organized on a regular basis. The last meeting was held 15th June, 2023.
Next meeting: tba.