Cross Disciplinary Research

NTNU Cyborg

NTNU Cyborg. Photo by Geir Mogen

A cyborg (cybernetic organism) is a combination of machine and living tissue. Our project involves the interdisciplinary development of a robotic base, interfaced to biological nerve cells, that will communicate with people at the NTNU campus.

Student projects 2017/2018:


Stefano Nichele Jan Onarheim Sverre Hendseth Øyvind Stavdahl Martinius Knudsen Stig Omholt

Ioanna Sandvig Axel Sandvig Gunnar Tufte Peter Aaser Ola Huse Ramstad Laila Berg

Core team and collaborators


24/04/2017: Teknisk Ukeblad magazine (p.83-85)
19/04/2017: Aftenposten
17/04/2017: Adresseavisen
14/03/2017: Jacobsen (NRK Radio)
08/03/2017: Adresseavisen
07/03/2017: NRK Trøndelag
07/03/2017: Gemini
07/03/2017: Teknisk Ukeblad web
18/10/2016: NRK Ekko (NRK P2 radio).
09/02/2016: Under Dusken (PDF, pages 12-13)

Publications and projects

NTNU Cyborg aims to disseminate its research results to the scientific community through scientific publications, as well as seminars and Magazines. 

Scientific publications
PhD, master and specialization projects
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