Background and activities

I am a member of thee Computing research group. Main interest: --- Unconventional Machines: Architecture, Design and Computation.


Keywords: Vast Parallel Architectures, nanosystems, Bio-Inspired Hardware and Methods, Artificial Development, Evolutionary Computation, Evolvable Hardware, Artificial Life, cellular computing, cellular automata, self-replication, reconfigurable hardware.

The overal subject of computer architecture research at the Computing (COMP) research group is  parallelism. Rsearch related to parallel machines and massive parallel processing. The target for our research is toward a future of massive parallelism. Topics include: computer architecture, the hardware/software interface, energy effcient computation, future materials and technology..

My  approach is toward unconventional machines. At the architecture level: vast parallel machine architectures exploring the possibility of computation from simple computing elements with only local communication. At the technology level my research intrest is toward computational materials, such as: evolving nanosystems in the NASCENCE (NAnoSCale Engineering for Novel Computation using Evolution) project,or NTNU Morphogenetic Engineering initiative. Resently I have worked on nanomagnetic systems as a substrate for novel computing devices in the NFR funded SOCRATES (Self-Organizing Computational substRATES) project and the EU  funded FET-Open SpinENGINE project.

Link to Publications.