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The research objective of the Computing (COMP) unit is to develop and analyze fundamental technologies that enable the performance-sensitive computer systems and applications of the future.

The research activities of the Computing unit range from basic research on unconventional computation and theoretical algorithms to application-oriented research in the areas of high-performance computing, bioinformatics, computer vision, graphics, and search.

The Computing unit covers all main abstraction levels of computer systems and consists of experts in computer architecture, system software, parallel computing, algorithms, and visual computing. This makes the group ideally positioned for both in-depth studies in established fields and cross-disciplinary efforts spanning multiple abstraction levels.

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Magnus SJälander

Magnus Själander 
Head of research unit

COMP Publications


We aim to disseminate our research results to the scientific community through scientific publications. We publish at the highest international level.

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COMP Projects


Our research activity is organised around research projects. Currently we contribute to the following projects.

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National projects

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Research and business partners associated with our research group.

Research partners

Industry collaborations

We have a long history of cooperation with industry partners.

Our master students have a skill set that results in them having little difficulty in getting employed in Trondheim, the rest of Norway, or abroad.