Background and activities


I am involved in teaching the following courses:

  • TDT4255 Computer Design
  • TDT4295 Computer Design Project
  • DT8105 Computer Architecture 2

I also supervise project and master thesis topics within computer architecture and design. Current project and master thesis topics are available at IDIs web pages. I often co-supervise projects and masters with local and national industry partners such as ARM, Nordic Semiconductor and Silicon Labs (formerly Energy Micro).

The topics and reports of my supervised master theses can be found on NTNU Open.


My main research area is memory systems for Chip Multiprocessors (CMPs). CMPs are often referred to as multi-core architectures. In addition, I am interested in heterogeneous computer systems, energy efficiency, computer architecture simulation, compilers and system software. I am currently serving as the deputy head of the Computing research group.

I am currently involved in the following research projects:

I currently supervise/mentor the following PhD students and post docs:

I have supervised/metored the following PhD students and post docs:

  • Main supervisor for Dr. Yaman Umuroglu (2012-2018), next employer Xilinx
  • Co-supervisor for Dr. Yahya Yassin (2012-2018), next employer Mode Sensors
  • Mentor for Dr. Ananya Muddukrishna (2016-2018), next employer ÅF
  • Mentor for Dr. Mohammed Sourori (2015-2017), next employer Accenture
  • Co-supervisor for Dr. Odd Rune Strømmen Lykkebø (2012-2017), next employer Nnaisense
  • Mentor for Post doc. Dr. Juan Manuel Cebrian (2012-2014), next employer UPC/BSC
  • Mentor for Post doc. Dr. Nikita Nikitin (2013-2014), next employer Mentor Graphics
  • Informal co-supervisor for Dr. Alexandru Ciprian Iordan (2008-2017), next employer ARM

My most recent research appears below. For more details regarding my publications, visit my Google Scholar profile or Cristin.

The following papers are in press:

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