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PhD EE Cornell University 1994, Pre-Business U of Oregon 1981/82, IEEE Senior Member 2000

Courses in "Management Competence at Board Level" (BI 2007) and completed NTNU's Research Leadership Programme (Oct 2011-Feb 2012)

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PROJECTS & NEWS highligths:

  • Prof. GavinTaylor, US Naval Academy, is spending his14-month sabbatical leave from USNA at HPC-Lab (June 2017-Aug 2018). His research interests are in Deep Learning/Machine Learning and HPC. We should be able to learn a lot from eachother!
  • CN (NFR) FRINATEK project with Prof. Dag Breiby under negotiations...
  • EU H2020 MCSA Post Doc project TICOH: Taming Irregular Computations On Heterogeneous processor for Dr. Weifeng Liu (approved jan 27, 2017).  Funded  (July 2017- June 2019).  Elster is PI. 
  • EU H2020 ICT FEIT 2014 Project CloudLightning: Self-Organizing, Self-Managed Heterogeneous Clouds funded 2015-2018. Elster is NTNU's PI 
  • Elster to serve as 1st Alternate (out of 3) for the permanent employees representatives on NTNU's Board (2017-2021). She is also one of the alternates for the IE Board. For Spring 2018 she will serve as Prof. Torovatn's alternate as he is on sabbatical in Australia.
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Founder and Director – HPC-Lab, Dept. of Computer & Info. Science NTNU, which I started as my research group when I joined NTNU in 2001, and founded as a lab in 2008. We are now an established research lab in Heterogeneous and Parallel Computing, consisting of myself, several Post Docs, PhD students and Master students as well as both national and international visiting colleagues and scientists who want to learn about and experiment with heterogeneous computing.

I have been or am the main advisor for several students and have been co-advisor, Opponent and EU evaluator for many more. 

Current and previous Post Docs & Researchers . Elster is/was main advisor, if no further comment given) 

  • Weifein Liu (MSCA Post Doc 2017-19)
  • Mohammad Qasim (Researcher, joined Oct  2016, PhD fra UiB)
  • Malik Khan (Researcher/Post Doc since 2013, PhD from Univ. of Southern California (USC))
  • Annette Stahl (Reseacher 2013, PhD fra Univ. i Heldelberg, Tyskland, now facuklty member if Cybernetics, NTNU)
  • Ian Karlin (Post Doc 2011, PhD U of Colorado, Boulder 2011, now at Sandia, NL) 
  • Jan Perhac (ERCIM Post Doc 2010-2011) (ERCIM) 
  • John Ryan (Post Doc 2010, PhD Irland, returned earlier than planned for a permanent job in Ireland) 
  • Dr. Henrik R. Nagel (Post Doc 2005-2007, now a permanent employee at NTNU's computing center, in the HPC group, NTNU)

Current and former PhD students:

  • NN -- to be announced soon!
  • Samira Pakdel (current, on maternity leave)
  • Rune Jensen (current)
  • Thomas Falch (current, expected defense 2017)
  • Johannes Kvam (current, Elster is co-advisor. Main advisor: B. Angelsen)
  • Mehdi Bozorgi (current, expected defense 2017, Elster is co-advisor, main advisor: Frank Lindseth)
  • Lane Holloway (PhD, Univ. of Texas at Austin , 2016; Elster was co-advisor, main advisor: Don Fussell)
  • Eirik Smistad (PhD, NTNU 2015; Elster was co-advisor, main advisor Lindseth)
  • Jan Christinan Meyer (PhD 2012, now adjunct assoc. prof. in CS, NTNU and permanent employee at NTNU's computing center in the HPC group) 
  • Thorvald Natvik (PhD 2010, now working for madalia in California, USA)
  • Cyrill Baninon (Elster main advisor 2003-2006, PhD 2007 w/ Prof. Natvik, now working for Telenor AI)

In addition I have bee the main advisor for more than 75 masterstudenter who really have taught me a lot! See my CV for details. Siden 2006 more than 35 of the masters thesis have been within GPU computings. 


I love teaching! Here are some of the main courses I am or have been involved with:

UT Austin: Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems and Iterative Numerical Methods

NTNU: Parallel Computing, Compilers, Operating Systems, + 3 special topics MS/PhD courses covering parallel environments, numerical methods, heterogeous and grid computing and highly parallel algorithms.


Interview with Ceetron AS:

NVIDIA Spotlight:



  • June 2017: Prof. Gaving Taylor, US Naval Academy, and two of his Midshipmen, Samuel (Sam) Mahoney and Madeline (Maddie) Reynolds, joined HPC-lab. Prof. Taylor will be here for 14 months (sabbatical leave from USNA) while his students will be here for a month.
  • June 2017: Elster serving as Expert Evaluator re. faculty promotion at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden. 
  • June 27, Elster servered as an opponent for MD. Naim at Univ of Bergen, Norway. Advisor: Prof Fredrik Manne.
  • June 22, Elster gave invited talk at ISC Workshop OpenSuCo.
  • May 12, Visit to ICES at Univ. of Texas at Austin
  • May 8, 2017: Elster gave talk at GTC 2017 in San Jose, California, USA

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