HPC-Lab Members

HPC-Lab Members


                                                                        Updated Oct. 2019                                       NOTE -- If interested in a Post Doc see:                             https://fellowship.ercim.eu/               The next deadline is likely Sept 30.            

Post-Docs/PhD Students/Lab Admin


Ajeet Pathak ERCIM Post Doc to join Spring 2020


Henrik Zawadi Berg Svela
Integrated MTech-PhD student      Interests: Graph Algorithms and topics related tp Using Machine Learning to Aid GPU-based HPC
Bart van Blokland     PhD Candidate                 Advisor: Theoharis              Elster is Co-advisor     
Mohammadmehdi Bozorgi
PhD Candidate,
Advisor: Lindseth

Elster is Co-advisor
Jacob Odgård Tørring
HPC-Lab Admin.                           Also currently one of Elster´s master students who will join as a PhD student summer 2020.

Current Master Students:

Vegard Seim Karstang
MTech 2020                         Topic: Graph Algorithms on GPUs
Håvard Bjerke
MSc (Informatics)  2020                 Topic: Snow simulations on GPUs

Ole Alexander Hole
Fall 2019 project only with Elster. Worked on OPM code with Equinor.´                          
Ingvild Høgstøyl
MTech 2020  in Physics                Benchmarking AI frameworks in collaborations with CERN                         
 Knut Kirkhorn
 MTech 2020     Topic: HPC performance & benchmarking of DGX2 & IBM Power 9 AC922 (with Ingunn Sund)
Øystein Krogstie
MTech 2020                         Topic: Optimizing simulation codes for NFR FriPro project  4D CT /Computational Microscopy

Joakim Lier
Fall 2019 project with Elster. Elster is co-supervisor for Master project on sound notation.
Konstantin Holm Mathisen
MTech 2020                         Topic: Segmentation of fish with 3D and sonar data
Ingunn Sund
MTech 2020                         Topic: HPC performance & benchmarking of DGX2 & IBM Power 9 AC922 (with Kirkhorn)
Anders Treland                    MTech 2020 CS/HPC student  with BSc in Physics.  Topic related to NFR proj Elster has with Breiby on 4D CT

HPC-Lab Guests & Recent HPC-Labers

Trygve Urdahl
MTech 2020  in Physics                HPC-Lab guest master student. He is also the TDT4200 Parallel Computing T.A. for fall 2019.                          
Rune Erlend Jensen
MTech & PhD candidate
runeerle@idi.ntnu.no                       Received NR-prisen for his masters thesis


Bjørn Atle J. Angelsen
Professor, Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging
SURF Project Director
Gavin Taylor
Visiting/Assoc.Prof. @USNA
Sabbatical at HPC-Lab 2017-18

Johannes Kvam
PhD (May 6, 2019), Advisor: Angelsen; Elster was Co-advisor
"Application of Machine Learning in Tissue Characterization"


Weifeng Liu
H2020 MSCA Post Doc 2017-18 Now a faculty member in China 




Malik M. Khan
ERCIM Post Doc/EU Project Post Doc (2013-2018)
Dr. Khan is now working as a faculty member in Pakistan.
Mohammad QasimResearch Scientist (2016-17) on EU H2020 project CloudLightning.          Now working in Ålesund, Norway.



Thomas Løfsgaard Falch
PhD March 2018                                                                         Now with MathWorks, Cambridge, UK
Ola Finneng Myhre
Post Doc (PhD 2017), DMF
Advisor: Angelsen
Ole Martin Brende
PhD 2016, DMF
Advisor: Angelsen
Now at Ramboll, Trondheim




Lane Holloway

Lane Holloway
PhD 2016 from UT Austin
Dr. Elster was Co-advisor

Erik Smistad
PhD 2015
Advisor: Prof. Frank Lindseth

Dr. Elster was Co-advisor
Master Students:




Morten J Barbala               M.Tech (2018)
Thesis: Accelerating Adaptive Mesh Refinement through Multiscale Dataflow Computing
August L. Brækken
MTech (2018)                    Advisors: Elster  & G. Taylor         Thesis: ML-based profile analysis of CUDA programs' compiler flag impact 
Mathias Havdal
M. Tech. (2018)        Thesis: High-Performance X-ray Scattering Simulations
Lars-Håkon Nystad
M. Tech. (2018)                  Thesis: Automate Detection and Weight Estimation of Fish in Underwater 3D Images 
Håvard Pettersson
M. Tech. (2018)
Advisor: Elster                         Thesis: Multi-GPU sliding tile puzzle solving with GA*, Groute and Abstract Zobrist Hashing
Even Rogstadkjærnet
M. Tech. (2018)
Advisors: Elster  & Malik Khan     Thesis: ImageCL 3D Extensions Targeting Adaptive Mesh Refinement Proxy Appl. onGPUs 
Klaudia L. Swiecka
M.Tech (2018)                   Advisor: Hetland/Taylor         Elster was unofficial co-advisor  Topic: Adverserary AI algorithms
Aleksander Wasasznik
M. Tech IMF (2018)
Advisors: Ruocco/Telenor AI Elster was unofficial co-advisor. Fall proj. with Elster as main adv.
Raymond Toft
M. Tech IMF (2018)
Honorary HPC-Laber. 

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