HPC-Lab Members

HPC-Lab Members


                                                                        Updated Oct. 2020                                       NOTE -- If interested in a Post Doc see:                             https://fellowship.ercim.eu/               The next deadline is likely Sept 30.            

Post-Docs/PhD Students/Lab Admin


Ajeet Pathak ERCIM Post Doc to join Spring 2021.               - PhD in AI with a strong interest in HPC                                                                                  

TBD: HPC-lab PhD postion on HPC tools in connection with the NFR proj with Porf. Dag Breiby of Physics. Stay tuned for announcement on jobbnorge.no!                        Summer 2021: 1st (of 3) HPC-Lab PhD postions in connection with the new SFI on Geophyscical Forecasting to start.

Zawadi Berg Svela
Integrated MTech-PhD student      Topic: Graph Algorithms for GPU and using Machine Learning to aid GPU-based HPC
Bart van Blokland     PhD Candidate                 Advisor: Theoharis              Elster is Co-advisor     
Mohammadmehdi Bozorgi
PhD Candidate,
Advisor: Lindseth

Elster is Co-advisor
Jacob Odgård Tørring
PhD student and HPC-Lab Admin. MTech w/ Elster summer 2020. Join as a PhD student August 2020.
Anders Treland MTech 2020 BSc in Physics. Topic related to NFR proj Elster has with Breiby on 4D CT. Been offered a PhD position, but currently in industry

Current Master Students:

Lars Bjertnes
MTech 2021                         Topic: GPU program datasets for AI optimizations
Martin Rebne Farstad
MTech 2021                Topic: Benchmarking and optimizing PDE kernels for multi-core and many-core systems

Andreas Hammer
Benchmarking and optimizing 2D kernels for line finding                         
Ingvild Høgstøyl
MTech 2021  in Physics                Benchmarking AI frameworks in collaborations with CERN                         
 Håvard Ose Nordstrand
 MTech 2021     Topic: HPC Benchmarking on Betzy. Co-advisor: Jan Chr. Meyer
Øystein Krogstie
MTech 2021                         Topic: Optimizing simulation codes for NFR FriPro project  4D CT /Computational Microscopy

Ivar A. Helgestad Sandvik
MTech 2021. Topic: Snow simulations on GPU                         
Odin Ugedal
MTech 2020                         Topic: Virtualization
Trygve Urdahl
MTech 2021 in Physics.  Elster is Co-advisor. He was also the TDT4200 Parallel Computing T.A. for fall 2019.
Roger Holten                     MTech 2021 Topic TBD (joining Spring 2021)
Konstantin Holm Mathisen
MTech 2021(rejoin sp 2021?)            Topic: Segmentation of fish with 3D and sonar data

HPC-Lab Guests & Recent HPC-Labbers

See also Link to list of past members

Rune Erlend Jensen
MTech & PhD candidate
runeerle@idi.ntnu.no                       Received NR-prisen for his masters thesis
Bjørn Atle J. Angelsen
Professor, Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging
SURF Project Director
Gavin Taylor
Visiting/Assoc.Prof. @USNA
Sabbatical at HPC-Lab 2017-18
Johannes Kvam
PhD (May 6, 2019), Advisor: Angelsen; Elster was Co-advisor
"Application of Machine Learning in Tissue Characterization
Weifeng Liu
H2020 MSCA Post Doc 2017-18 Now a faculty member in China 


Malik M. Khan
ERCIM Post Doc/EU Project Post Doc (2013-2018)
Dr. Khan is now working as a faculty member in Pakistan.
Mohammad QasimResearch Scientist (2016-17) on EU H2020 project CloudLightning.          Now working in Ålesund, Norway.



Thomas Løfsgaard Falch
PhD March 2018                                                                         Now with MathWorks, Cambridge, UK
Ola Finneng Myhre
Post Doc (PhD 2017), DMF
Advisor: Angelsen
Ole Martin Brende
PhD 2016, DMF
Advisor: Angelsen
Now at Ramboll, Trondheim




Lane Holloway

Lane Holloway
PhD 2016 from UT Austin
Dr. Elster was Co-advisor

Erik Smistad
PhD 2015
Advisor: Prof. Frank Lindseth

Dr. Elster was Co-advisor



Klaudia L. Swiecka
M.Tech (2018)                   Advisor: Hetland/Taylor         Elster was unofficial co-advisor  Topic: Adverserary AI algorithms
Aleksander Wasasznik
M. Tech IMF (2018)
Advisors: Ruocco/Telenor AI Elster was unofficial co-advisor. Fall proj. with Elster as main adv.
Raymond Toft
M. Tech IMF (2018)
Honorary HPC-Laber. 
Inge Edward Halsaunet
M. Sci. (??) Fall project completed in 2018. Now working in industry.

Recent Master Students:


Vegard Seim Karstang
MTech March 2020 Topic: Graph Algorithms on GPUs
Håvard Bjerke
MSc (Informatics) Summer 2020 Topic: Snow simulations on GPUs

Ole Alexander Hole
Fall 2019 project only with Elster. Worked on OPM code with Equinor.´
Knut Kirkhorn
MTech Oct 2020 Topic: HPC performance & benchmarking of DGX2 & IBM Power 9 AC922 (with Ingunn Sund)

Joakim Lier
MTech Summer 2020. Fall 2019 project with Elster. Elster was co-supervisor for Master project on sound notation.
Ingunn Sund
MTech Oct 2020 Topic: HPC performance & benchmarking of DGX2 & IBM Power 9 AC922 (with Kirkhorn)
Anders Treland                 MTech August 2020 CS/HPC student with BSc in Physics. Topic related to NFR proj Elster has with Breiby on 4D CT

06 Nov 2020 Anne Cathrine Elster