Current projects we are involved in:

  • TICOH: Taming Irregular Computations On Heterogeneous processor - EU H2020 MCSA Post Doc project  for Dr. Weifen Liu! Funded 2017-2019.  Elster is PI. 
  • CloudLightning - EU H2020 Project (2015-2019) on Self-Organizing Clouds for HPC
  • NESUS - EU COST Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing (2014-2016)  - Dr. Elster is Management Committee Member and board member

  • Medical Computational Visualization Project  - NTNU project w/ Frank Lindseth and Bjørn Angelsen
  • Open Porous Media (OPM) Initiative - in collaborations with Alf Rustad, Statoil Research
  • Dual Frequency Band/SURF Imaging - Collaboration with Bjørn Angelsen, NTNU Medical College