HPC-Lab Hardware

HPC-Lab Hardware

PhD student Jan Christain Meyer with some of our CUDA-enabled cards!

In order to stay at the forefront in the rapidly evolving field of HPC, we make it a priority to keep up to date with the latest developments in hardware. This includes exploring more exotic hardware that you won't find in your average computer lab.

Some of our recent purchases (*):

  • NVIDIA DGX2 server with 16 Tesla Volta GPUs. (**)
  • Two IBM "Newell" P9 blade, one with four Tesla V100 32GB card and one with two v100 16GB GPUs
  • AMD RX Vega 64 card
  • Two GTX1080Ti card with SLI bridge
  •  Dell blade server with Tesla P100 (funded in part by EU H2020 Cloudlighting project
  • Access to NTNU's server farm and OpenStack VMs as part of the H2020 Cloudlightning project
  • Five-node GPU-accelerated ccNUMA cluster from NumaScale
  • 85-inch Samsung 4K Professional Display QM85D
  • 32-inch Dell 4K monitors                                                                        
  • 20 GTX 980 graphics cards                                                             

Recent donations and loans include:

  • IBM "Minski" P8 Blade with NVLINK and 4 x P100s (returned Spring 2019)
  • Maxeler Maxbox3 with 4 FPGA-based DFEs (onated by Maxeler as part of the H2020 CloudLighting project)
  • Intel Xeon Phi card (donated by Intel as part of the H2020 CloudLighting project)
  • Adapteva Parallella Boards (also bought some)
  • NVIDIA Jetson TK1 boards (also bought NVIDIA Shield)
  • 1 NVIDIA Tesla K40 (as CUDA Research Center)
  • 2 NVIDIA Tesla K20 (as CUDA Research and  Teaching Center)


GPU and Graphics Teaching lab:


  • Fall 2017: Just ordered 30 Jetson TX2  kits for teaching
  • and got access for 132 students on NTNU's central cluster Idun.
  • Fall 2016: 30 Jetson TX1  kits
  • Spring 2015: upgraded to 25 Dell PCs with GTX 750Ti cards.

We are also part of this Departmental teaching lab.  It started with several GTX 480s donated from NVIDIA and several home-build PCs.

(**) The DGX2 was funded by an AVIT grant from NTNU IE and IDI. Elster is main PI on the project, which also has several co-PIs, including Assoc. Prof. Kerstin Bach from our AI group.

(*) Most of the hardware purchaced in 2012-2014 was due to a generous NOK 1 mill research equipment grant from our Dean's office (IME) . The EU H2020 CloudLightning Project (2015-2018) includes Euro 30 000 for equipment for this lab.