NTNU HPC-Lab - Heterogenous & Parallel Computing Lab

Heterogenous & Parallel Computing Lab (HPC-Lab)

HPC-lab is part of the Dept. of Computer Science (IDI) at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, and is directed by Professor Anne C. Elster.

HPC-Labbers F2020 -- Samira, Ingvild (@CERN) , Martin, Odin & Trygve are missing above, as well as Ingunn & Knut who turned in their MTech theses Nov 4, 2020.

Current Research Foci: 

  • High Performance Computing (HPC) incl. Supercomputing. Cluster, GRID and Cloud computing
    • Parallel scientific software environments including machine learning based auto-tuning and load balancing.
    • Parallel algorithms and optimization for novel heterogeneous architectures and accelerators including GPUs.

     See Research for more details.

We have access to a DGX2 (Elster is main PI), two IBM Power 9 nodes w/ V100 +++ -- see Hardware

UPCOMMING & RECENT EVENTS:  -- also see  https://www.ntnu.edu/idi/hpc-lab/events

  • HPC-Lab is one part of the upcoming SFI (Center for Resarch-based Innovation) on       Geophysical Forecasting (CGF) funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN).
  • We are alse part of a resarch project on computational microscopy led by Prof. Dag Breiby of NTNU Physics, also funded by the RCN.
  • Dr. Ajeet Pathak is scheduled to join us as an ERCIM Post Doc fall/winter 2020/21 (Covid-19 visa delay)

The Opening of HPC-Lab in Oct 2008 was featured in digi.no, one of Norway's most popular online IT-paper sites. https://www.digi.no/artikler/ntnu-vil-lage-de-kuleste-pc-ene/207850

 - The HPC-Lab 10th Anniversary Workshop  was held Sep 26, 2018, Rm H1, Main Bldg, NTNU-Gløshagen, Trondheim. See: https://www.ntnu.edu/idi/hpc-lab/10-yr-ws-2018


Some of us during Fredrik Kjøstad´s visit Fall 2019.

From left: Anders Treland, Ingvild Høgstøyl, Jacob O. Tørring, Øysetin R. Krogstie, Anne C. Elster, H. Flatland (guest), Fredril Kjøstad, Joakim Lier, Ole Aleksander Hole & Håvard Bjerke (front).

Fredrik is now an Assistant Professor at Stanford.

06 Nov 2020

HPC-Lab - About


HPC-Lab was formally established in Oct. 2008 and consists of Prof. Elster´s graduate students and affiliated members. It sprung out from Prof. Elster´s research group formed when she joined NTNU in 2001. 

Dr. Elster's research group has been involved with GPU computing since 2006, and Elster was the PI for the Nvidia GPU Research Center and NTNU and GPU Teaching Center at NTNU.